Amanda Feilding Receives Prestigious Science Pioneer Award for Psychedelics

According to Beckley Foundation’s website, Amanda Feilding, the Founder and Director of the Beckley Foundation, received the Science Pioneer Award for her contributions to psychedelic research, which have been pivotal in the resurgence in scientific interest in psychedelic compounds as tools to optimize human health and happiness. Recognized as one of the US’ most prestigious awards for women by both Houses of the United States Congress, Amanda’s accomplishments will be placed in the Congressional Record. “It has long been my goal to reintegrate psychedelic compounds into society as the remarkable medicines and drivers of cultural progress that they are. They provide hope for the treatment of many intractable psychological and neurological conditions, but also represent a unique tool for enhancing wellbeing, vitality, and interconnectedness. It is a lovely surprise to receive this recognition for my exploratory work in psychedelic research” – Amanda Feilding

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