KAP @TheAttachPlace

There are many options for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in Sacramento.  The availability of this new psychedelic treatment to support healing is exciting.  That said, not all treatment centers are equal. KAP @TheAttachPlace is all about connection, support, and healing in a loving, comfortable environment.  Because the journey is long on one of the days, we make sure you feel like you are in the comfort of a home (disguised by an outside office facade).  You can access a private space with ambient lighting, a music system/headphones, eye masks, a comfortable day bed with cozy blankets and pillows (sanitized between sessions), tea/drinks/water, and snacks.  While you are with us, you are the most special person in the room. We treat everyone in this kind and gentle way to ensure your KAP experience adds to the healing.

We have created a space with real people in mind.  It is as inviting as possible so that you can have a deep, healing inner journey. Stop by and check it out.

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